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P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta

Posted 3 months ago
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta

Nestled between Italy’s best sandy beaches and the Apuan Alps is the small medieval town of Pietrasanta. Steeped in a history of marble-making, Pietrasanta is scattered with sculptures and monuments, making it a beautiful and unique place to visit. We’ve put together some tips picked up on our regular visits to our nearby workshop, Sartoria Carrara. 




Albergo Pietrasanta

Via G. Garibaldi, 35, 55045 Pietrasanta LU, Italy

This stunning 17th century palazzo is filled with modern and contemporary art, and is only a short walk from Pietrasanta’s medieval main square.




Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi

Any of the local beach clubs at the Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi offer excellent views of the Tuscan Riviera and great sunbathing on white sandy beaches. 





Via del Marzocco, 19, 55045 Pietrasanta LU, Italy

Dine al fresco at Giacomo surrounded by lush trees and a beautiful garden. We recommend ordering their speciality; fish and seafood. 


L’Enoteca Marcucci

40, Via G. Garibaldi, 55045 Pietrasanta LU, Italy

For great traditional Italian food and an amazing selection of wines. 




Apuan Mountains to Colonnata

Take the beautiful scenic drive up into the Apuan Mountains, through the impressive marble quarries that make the region so unique. Stop at the ancient village of Colonnata for lunch and try their famous Lardo di Colonnata. This delicacy is made from strips of fatback from the local pigs and layered with salt, pepper, rosemary and sage, then cured for at least six months in marble basins from the Carrara region. It is sliced like salumi and is best with hot grilled bread.



Head to Lucca for a morning or afternoon visit. It’s a historic and well-preserved renaissance town, known for its perfect oval shaped town square, the “Piazza dell’Anfiteatro”. Stop for lunch at the Osteria da Rosolo on the Corta Campana 3, for a delicious wild boar pappardelle. 



Pisa is another half day visit out of Pietrasanta, and worth the trip to see the famous leaning tower.



We’ve put together the perfect soundtrack to accompany you on your road trips from Pietrasanta. Listen here




Duomo di Pietrasanta

Piazza Duomo, 55045 Pietrasanta LU


Marzocco Column Pietrasanta

Via del Teatro, 5, 55045 Pietrasanta LU


Rocca di Sala 

Via Santa Maria, 37, 55045 Pietrasanta LU


Museo dei Bozzetti 

Via Sant’Agostino c/o Centro Culturale Luigi Russo - 55045, Pietrasanta (LU), 55045 Pietrasanta LU


- Images by James Harvey Kelly 


P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta
P Johnson's Guide to Pietrasanta